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The goals of each sporting organisation differ a great deal from another. Each has its working template and mandate that each feels would work best even as the tide of the sporting worlds are navigated. The ability to remain true, steadfast and committed to these goals without recourse to what the reception could be and the sheer ability to forge ahead in times of low funds would eventually distinguish the real from the also rans.

For PROTOUCH AFRICA, this is its story as a sporting organisation committed to helping the amateur, semi-professional cyclists that have been without a team to migrate to. The journey started in South Africa as the organisation sought a way out to help the U23 South African road cyclists who were unable to get into a team.

Though financial difficulties have been a challenge, PROTOUCH AFRICA has found a way to be firm and resolute in the face of adversity by recording success in terms of honors on the track. The professional team of the sporting organisation has not waned in ensuring the frontiers of PROTOUCH AFRICA are expanded beyond the shores of South Africa. Part of its vision entails being the breeding ground for future stars while not losing focus on getting the required funds for such a task.

In terms of the on-track success, there are both domestic and international victories with the headlines grabbing news being the 2018 SA Road Cycling Series where the Team triumphed. International recognition came as 7 of its riders were selected for National Team duty. Other victories followed suit as the years rolled by.

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In a bid to combat the incessant financial struggles bedeviling the team, multiple sources of income have been sought with cryptocurrency offering a way out. Also, making an entry into the crypto space would put the organisation in a better position as the move would surely further sell the brand.

To achieve the above and more, PROTOUCH AFRICA is joining the NFT revolution by announcing a partnership with Blocksport. The announcement intends to serve many purposes which are not limited to a joint business partnership which aims at launching PROTOUCH AFRICA NFT. Also, the teeming fans of PROTOUCH AFRICA would have the opportunity to purchase a customized NFT of the club they love and support when it launches.


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