The successful artist launched his first collection on Nifty Gateway. This time he is doing his own mint on his own website. Continuing the innovation that many top NFT artists are incorporating, toomuchlag is creating an auction like experience over 3 days.

Le anime was a unique spin on traditional collectables .   The collection “My Journey” is inspired by the great classic Italian literature Divina Commedia. Combining toomuchlag’s visual art with original music made as his duo Fibonoire, the five pieces outline the beginning of his journey and a reckoning with oneself through sins, pain, and reflection. This is the initial descent towards enlightenment, self-improvement and whatever else might await.


Each edition number of this Open Edition is linked by a separate smart contract to a unique collectible character with unique rarities. The more you have, the more possibilities will open in the future. https://www.leanime.art/ Editions minted prior to the drop are the artist claiming editions for themselves


3 days auction

18 hours | 8888 NFTs | Min bid 0.04 eth
12 hours | 6666 NFTs | Min bid 0.06 eth
6 hours | 4444 NFTs | Min bid 0.08 eth

No gas war, bid when you want.
Unsuccessful bids will rollover to the next day.
Bid how many units and how much per unit you want.
Increase your bid if you fall out of ranking.
Winning bids will receive NFTs after end of auction.
Top 100 ranked receive bonus Spirit NFTs.
1573 of 8888 NFTs are gifted to Le Anime NFTs.
SPIRIT NFTs will be merged to create HEROES NFT.

Le Anime’s ghost characters from toomuchlag’s drop on NG. Every Le Anime edition, has one unique character attached (the Soul) with different rarity traits that will come into play in phase 2. For extensive FAQs about Le Anime please join our Discord,



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