Who has access to the MCP?
All registered users will automatically be enrolled in the MCP, starting at Level 0.

When will the MCP be available in VeVe?
Development on Phase 1 is now underway, and once complete, the following phases will go into development.

When will each phase be released?
We will aim to release each phase as soon as possible. That said, development timelines can change due to varying factors, so we cannot give a precise release date until closer to release. Each of the phases will release when ready (e.g. #soon).

Will Points be retroactive?
Yes. Points will be calculated from the day VeVe launched, so your activity within VeVe to date will contribute to your MCP Level and Rank. The number of Points received will only be calculated based on the number of Collectibles and Sets the Collector owns in that time.

Collectibles received via transfer will not receive the one-off Points listed earlier in the article, but will also be calculated retroactively from the time you acquired them. More simply, you will get points for holding and set completion, but not for off-platform purchases.

Why is MCP Pro available to the top six Ranks?
At VeVe we support the Collectors who are the most active, so it was a no-brainer to make these features available to these Collectors.

If I held Collectibles and Sets in the past, but sold them before the MCP releases, will I still earn Points for the time I held those Sets/collectibles?
Yes, those Collectibles/Sets will still earn Points retroactively for the time you held them, even if you don’t hold them anymore once the MCP starts.

Will transferred collectibles count towards the MCP?
Collectibles received from a transfer will receive Daily Points, however as they’re not purchased from Store or Market, they will not receive the One-Off Points for Purchase (see the One-Off Points section).

Will holding unique Sets earn more Points than duplicates of the same Set?
Yes, duplicate Sets will have diminishing bonuses vs. unique Sets (see the Collectible Sets section of the article).

Do the Rarity bonuses also apply to Digital Comics, and do Digital Comics earn points otherwise?
Yes, rarity bonuses apply to Digital Comics as well as the rest of the Collectibles. However, Digital Comics do not have traditional Sets, so Set bonuses will not apply to Digital Comics.

Will we be able to earn/use Points in the VeVeVerse?
Yes, Points can be earned and used within the VeVeVerse. More details will be released closer to the launch of the VeVeVerse.

What about OMI Utility?
OMI Utility will be a separate program and article, but there will be some overlap with MCP, so stay tuned for more on that soon.


By: VeVe


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