Web3 Wizards is our NFT collection series that we have materialised, where we in-house design, mint and recognise those devs that continue to build the fabric for making all of web3, the metaverse, NFTs, decentralisation possible. And, to do this in true web3 style, keeping immutability and transparency at the core we mint and gift each featured dev a 721 NFT on Matic Network.

The blockchain is the most powerful social coordination technology that we have. It allows us to stay completely decentralised and anonymous whilst still being able to come to consensus and reach trusted states. This was never possible before and any coordination, from the most global to the most intimate, between economies, societies, cities, groups and people, has always had to rely on a third party or intermediary — which in turn has caused power and money to become highly concentrated, static and abused at will.

Now, through web3, we can leave that all behind for something far better. We have the keys to build a radically free and open economy globally for the first time ever. So, with that said, for this edition of Web3 Wizards we are paying it back to those creating and engineering some of the most important keys to be secured to our keychains. They are the Civilisation Coders.




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