Elon Musk’s venture, X (formerly known as Twitter), aims to position itself as a central financial hub, encouraging individuals to consider using X as their primary financial solution instead of traditional bank accounts for various financial requirements.

According to reports, during the inaugural all-hands meeting on Oct. 26, Elon Musk articulated his vision for transforming the platform into a financial hub with a roadmap to implement new features by the end of 2024. 

Elon Musk envisions X as an all-encompassing financial platform, covering every aspect of users’ financial lives, from money and securities to eliminating the need for traditional bank accounts. According to reports, Elon Musk referred to his creation of the PayPal platform during the meeting. Musk co-founded X.Com, originally conceived as a comprehensive financial platform, which was subsequently acquired by PayPal, known for its payment application.

Elon Musk appears to be taking a hands-on approach, overseeing all feature developments and strategizing premium offerings for the brand. The focus is not only on revenue generation but also on positioning X as a versatile, all-round platform for users.

According to another report, Musk revealed that online platforms such as YouTube, LinkedIn, and Cision PR Newswire are seen as potential competitors to X as it progresses toward becoming an all-in-one app.

Musk and Linda Yaccarino, X’s CEO, unveiled a strategy to introduce a news wire service named XWire, positioning it as a potential competitor to Cision PR Newswire. X has gained recognition as a primary platform for news development and discussions. The details and features of X’s competitive services against YouTube, LinkedIn, and PR Newswire remain uncertain.

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In a recent blog post, Linda Yaccarino discusses the progress and advancements that the platform has achieved over the past year. She mentions notable products like Community Notes, Audio and Video calling, and the upcoming addition of a $1 payment feature to the platform.

Furthermore, on Oct. 27, Elon Musk provided an update, announcing that X is exploring the possibility of live-streaming company discussions.

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