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  • What is some of the most exciting and important updates to pay attention to during the first few weeks of 2022?

Well, we are already diving head first into 2022.. and, some of the major upcoming initiatives include that of;

  • Realm Runway events
  • Launch of runway.digitalax.xyz
  • More Designer Realms to be launched
  • More Collector and Buy side DAOs to be announced and launched
  • New Guilds on The DLTA
  • New ESPA launches
  • Where do you see web3 fashion and the metaverse going in 2022?

Everyone needs protection from the elements, connection to each other, and power tools. Far more than style and status alone, that’s what web3 fashion creates for you, even when it sits passive collecting interest and attraction in your bags.

Because of a quirk in social psychology, story, style, and status drive sales far more than utility, except when that utility is overwhelming and necessary. Even then it must be wrapped in something exciting and different to really sell like the special experience it is.

Fashion is the most special something we wrap ourselves in. Web3 fashion magnifies our power and potential to the max. It’s a revolutionary arms race in style.

The moment when the reality of web3 fashion and the IRL+ web3 metaverse are breaking through to mainstream awareness is happening as we speak. From where we stand it’s obvious that the time to get on the rocket ship of what will happen in web3 fashion and the metaverse in 2022 was yesterday. It will make the growth that we have seen in the last two years in NFTs, DeFi and DAOs look tiny and outdated in comparison.

When will the central control of fetishising web2 corporate simps stop pretending to be pro humanity while behaving like tyrants, thugs and bullies online? Probably when their army of astro-turf bot accounts start getting flagged for the fakes that they are.

The real question is who benefits from all of this abuse? Follow the money. Which corporations and tyrannical governments are behind this terror campaign, against the liberation of humanity from corporate and central control?

Ultimately, for those few that are real people in the crowds of screaming abusers, we’d recommend a quick history lesson about what the Soviets used to call you. TLDR; it translates to useful idiots.

Yep… I think this says it all 😆 suppperrr accurate.

Thanks to web3, the traditional route for VCs and founders flirting with each other can be automated away by decentralised swaps and buy and sell orders.

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